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LED 応用製品

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  • LED 安全棒
  • LED Safety Baton, LED, Baton
    • Uses an eco-friendly solar-powered LED lamp
    • Equipped with high brightness LED lamp, it provides a flashlight function and can be attached in various ways.
    • Weight is lighter by 30 percent than existing batons, which enables longtime usage without muscle strain
    • It uses a solar charging system, and it will last more than 30 hours if the battery is fully charged
    • Environmental and economic cost reduction from not using any mercury batteries
    • USB charging (PC/CAR) available for bad weather situations including rain
    • When charging it, there is no need of any stand for it, and it is designed as its solar cell always turns towards the sun so that you can easily charge it in various places like the front and the rear of your car
LED Safety Baton