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LED Flat Lighting

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  • Flat panel lighting , LED lamp, LED, interior lighting, office lighting
    • Low power consumption Using power-saving LED, it consumes only 40% of electric power compared with conventional fluorescent lamps
    • Long-term durability The design life is about 50,000 hours, which is about 8 times longer than conventional incandescent lamps
    • Health-friendly This health-friendly lighting is free harmful substances such as mercury and ultraviolet rays
    • Compatible with conventional lighting fixtures This recessed LED lighting does not require to change your lighting fixture for installation
    • Optimum structure Its aluminum heat sink allows quick release of heat to keep optimum brightness, and its polycarbonate cover is much harder to break than conventional glass and acryl cover
    • Well-designed circuit Using a constant current circuit, it maintains a constant brightness without flickering
    • Application Suitable where lighting is used more than 10 hours a day, including offices, facilities, parking lots, hospitals, shopping centers, etc.